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CHOOSE A MAGICAL LANDSCAPE for an unforgettable event: From the Putacuo National Park and is impressive mountain lakes, around the Farm Liotard and the Ringha valley, near the magnificent Songzanlin monastery, to the foothills of the holy mountain of Kawakarpo – 6,740 m – Everything is possible ! An event with the Mission Liotard is your feast on top of the world !

With more than ten years of experience in Yunnan, the Event Liotard will be able to organize a ceremony equal to the natural splendor of the place.

An event with Event Liotard is a party on the Roof of the World !

Business seminars, weddings, festivals, concerts, product launches, birthdays … we can accommodate up to a hundred people, whether with our Wild Event or Ringha Valley Event packages.

wild event

unique as you are

FIND the landscape and we will manage to organize the logistic. Mobility being our strength, with more than thirty tents, we can organize a ceremony for you toward the most magical scenery around Shangri-la.


ringha valley event

the farm of happiness

THE RINGHA COUNTRYSIDE where the Farm Liotard is located is the ideal place for rural events. Large meadow with grass for a Garden Party, two traditional dining rooms and our numerous tents placed around a large fire for an unforgettable evening under the stars.



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