The crew of the mission liotard

union is strength

THE PECULIARITY OF THE MISSION LIOTARD, lies in the strength of the passions between a mainly French and English foreign team and the Tibetan crew. This magical alchemy has worked for ten years.The muleteers from Caravan Liotard are all Tibetan farmers from Ringha valley.

a crew

based on a mule tradition

THEIR WAGES are fairly distributed among the villagers, the purpose of Caravan Liotard being able to reconnect with a muleteer tradition doomed to disappear, but also to provide a new source of income for these families of farmers living in the valleys and high plateaus of the Tibetan Marches.

The purpose of the Liotard Mission is to be able to revive a mule tradition doomed to disappear

Constantin de Slizewicz

the helmsman of the Caravans Liotard

CONSTANTIN HAS BEEN LIVING IN YUNNAN OVER THE PAST 17 YEARS. After working as a photo-reporter for the French and Chinese press, he settled in 2005 in Lugu Lake (border between Yunnan and Sichuan Provinces), where he spent two years managing a guest house and writing Les Peuples oubliés du Tibet (The Forgotten Peoples of Tibet) Golden Fleece Book Adventure & Exploration 2007. n 2008, he published Les Canonnières du Yang Tsé Kiang (The Yangtze River Gunboats) and 2010, Ivre de Chine (Drunk of China). Since 2010 he lives in Shangri-La and and manages Mission Liotard.

The crew of Caravan Liotard is also a story of men united in the heart of the overwhelming beauty of natural landscapes of the Tibetan Marches

Guillaume de Penfentenyo

Born in 1988, he arrived in China after graduating at the age of 22 years, to work in a furniture factory in the Shanghai region. Marked by this experience with the Chinese working class with which he shared the dormitories, he decided a year later to discover another China.

He joined the Mission Liotard in September 2011. With Constantin, he also opened the Flying Tigers Café restaurant located in the old town of Shangri-la and created the Golok’s boot brand.

Phoebe de Slizewicz

Phoebe Osborn born in Dorset, England, has always loved adventure. She has worked in many areas unconsciously preparing herself for her life in Yunnan. After horse dressage and landscaping, she became a gourmet chef running a catering company and a guest house.

A journey took her through China, where she decided to stay. Her role in the Caravan Liotard is to cook and offer guests delicious meals after long and beautiful walks.

William Yang

Original from Shangri-la. with Pumi, Lisu and Tibet blood. English tour guide and the first outdoor outbound tour leader in Shangri-la.

With over 8 years of guiding experience and local grownup would tell you more interesting stories. Working with Mission Liotard since 2016, also working with the Xavier Advanture to bring Chinese families going abroad for outdoor activities.

François-Tobie de Maupeou

Involved in numerous professional and associative projects in South East Asia, he discovered the Liotard Mission during one of them. The economic and cultural knowledge he gathered in the area led him to pursue his professional activity on the banks of the Mekong River in North Yunnan, China.

Fascinated by the mountains, which he has been practicing sports since a very young age, fascinated by the fauna and flora observed there, he shares with the crew a spirit of adventure and exploration.

Wu Kewen

Kewen, original from Shanghai who spent seven years in Europe – France and Belgium – working in marketing. After returned to China he decided to move to Yunnan to develop exotic travel destinations.

It has been more than a decade for Kewen in Yunnan to explore, to craft, to lead different tours in unique places. Together, with Caravane Liotard team to continue discover secret spots on the unparalleled and yet magnificent Tibetan Plateau.

Luc Richard

A graduate from the Institute of Political Science (IEP) in Lyon and from the University of Language and Culture in Beijing, he is currently based in France, but still visits China on a regular basis. He is fluent in Mandarin and English. He lived in China for 10 years, and has published a travel book, Voyage à travers la Chine interdite (Presses de la Renaissance).

He has been living in the Alpes de Haute Provence region since 2017, where he organizes several-day treks to explore its extraordinary geology, and to discover major Land Art landmarks (Andy Goldsworthy’s Refuges d’Art project). He also organizes yearly full autonomy treks in northern Tibet (Sichuan province, China).  He teaches survival techniques in the wild.

Gatien Rames

Chasseur alpin and mountain commando for more than twenty years. His various personal and professional experiences on multiple terrains around the world have led him to develop courses and equipment. This is why he has proposed technical data sheets and a survival kit for the mountain commando group and other leading army units.

With this baggage, Gatien wanted to transpose these skills and know-how to the general public. He therefore created Horizon Expérience.n addition, Gatien is passionate about all mountain activities and sports. He practices ski touring, paragliding, mountaineering, but also fly fishing and even surfing !

Gonpo Tserang

Is the son of a nomad, from northern Tibet, the Amdo region. Having learned English in India where he lived during his adolescence, Gonpo returned to his homeland so that he could share his passion for hiking, exploration and botany with foreign guests wishing to discover its mountains.

Today Gonpo is in China, one of the best experts in the Tibetan regions.