light caravan

simplicity & adventure

EVERYTHING has been designed to help you feel close to nature and simplicity of the adventurer’s accommodation. Tibetan rugs, pillows, sleeping bags and gas heating.



your bedroom

A large and elegant Bell tent 500. It can perfectly accommodate from four to six guests.

dining room

From 2 to 5 guests, it is the same tent as the sleeping room but nicely separated with an inner tent. If you have up to 6 guests, another Bell tent is provided. You sit on stools around a table nicely decorated with tablecloth and candlestick 


Coffee and tea, Tibetan bread with butter, jam, muesli, milk and yogurt.


Mixed salads, Tibetan bread, fruit and tea.

tea time

Tea and biscuits.


Local beers accompanied by appetizers while enjoying the last rays of sun around the campfire.


A menu carefully composed of two dishes cooked by our chef with French wine.

light caravan

few figures with 6 guests


of the Light Caravan

first day

a step into the wild

A car picks you up at your hotel in the early afternoon and drives you from Shangri-la Old Town to Liotard Farm in Zuomogu village, which is the starting point of the caravan. The caravan crosses the Ringha valley until the first pass at 3,790 m, with an excellent sight line to Mount Sikha. We’ll stay overnight at the Monk Grassland at 3,690 m.

(3 h walk, 8 km)

second day

a botanical paradise

Hiking two passes between 3,900. View of major peaks of Yading Range such as Abudje Mountains The trail passes through forests of larch, fir, and rhododendron of rare beauty and the camp located on the Muet Grassland at 3,750 m.

(6 h walk, 15 km)

third day

the majestic view at abudje lake

Trekking to the Abudje sacred lake. It is a 22 km loop walk with the passage of two important passes over 4,000 m. Picnic on the banks of a forest lake. Arrival above Lake Abudje around 3 p.m, and we will then head back to the camp located at Muet Grassland 3,750 m.

(8 h walk, 22 km)

fourth day

back to ringha valley

A breathtaking return to Ringha Valley on a beautiful winding path alongside rivers, groves and pastures, and cross a pass at 3,905 m. We then descend and stop by a pasture overlooking Ringha Valley for a picnic. A slow walk followed by lunch in a forest of pine trees and arrival around 4 p.m. Our car will then be ready to chauffeur you back to your hotel at Shangri-la.

(7 h walk, 18 km)


of your journey

A 4 day trek to the gates of Tibet

Experience one of these fascinating walking expeditions from Shangri-la alongside a traditional caravan made up of horses, carrying heavy stewardship towards amazing mountains.

Relive a multi-millennial past

The Caravan Liotard continues the tradition as practiced for centuries by the trading caravans of the Tea Horse Road and the Tibetan footsteps.

An adventure to share

A complete disconnection with civilization. During the 4 days you will share the life of the Tibetans from Ringha valley, as well as walk with our passionate team of professionals.

Pure landscapes

Walk through a wide range of landscapes, from Rhododendron forest to snowy peaks with the aim to reach the sacred lake of Abudje, culminating in a pass at 4,360 m.