survival in the mountains

WITH TWO SURVIVAL EXPERTS, Luc Richard and Gatien Rames, here are two training modules that are offered to you during the summer periods with dates already defined. For a period of three days – Elementary Training – to five days – Theoretical and Practical Itinerant Training – this training is designed for beginners who want to acquire a solid foundation, for experimented professionals working in mountain or natural environments, or for those who are preparing an expedition. All will find out that this knowledge will allow them to better anticipate the unexpected, but beyond that, will create a better sense of comfort and autonomy in nature.

learn to survive

in a wild and preserved nature

THROUGH THESE TWO-FORMS OF TRAINING, you will be taught the most useful fundamental knowledge and acquire skills that will help you deal with the most likely risks you can encounter in all natural environments. After learning a theoretic universal foundation course, we will work on practicing the implementation of simple, efficient and easy techniques.

Survive but above all learn to live in the heart of the wild splendor of the mountains of the Tibetan Marches

A unique and wild adventure

This training is designed for beginners who want to acquire a solid foundation, for experimented professionals working in mountain or natural environments, or for those who are preparing an expedition. All will find out that this knowledge will allow them to better anticipate the unexpected, but beyond that, will create a better sense of comfort and autonomy in nature.

Elementary course : three days to learn the basics

Most of the training focuses on the transmission and acquisition of skills in a relaxed atmosphere. There will not be a lot of walking, and there will be many workshops where each participant will have the opportunity to try out concrete applications of the theory. In the evening evenings around the fire, overnight in bivouac made with tarps or survival blankets.

Training instructor : Luc Richard

Mountain professional french guide, wildlife and survival trainerTrekking guide and sports instructor (AMM French State diploma)Medical correspondent of the french Institute for Research and Training in Mountain Medicine (Ifremmont)

A graduate from the Institute of Political Science (IEP) in Lyon and from the University of Language and Culture in Beijing, he is currently based in France, but still visits China on a regular basis. He is fluent in Mandarin and English. He lived in China for 10 years, and has published a travel book, Voyage à travers la Chine interdite (Presses de la Renaissance).

Luc Richard

the passion for travel

HE HAS BEEN LIVING IN THE ALPES DE HAUTE PROVENCE region since 2017, where he organizes several-day treks to explore its extraordinary geology, and to discover major Land Art landmarks (Andy Goldsworthy’s Refuges d’Art project). He also organizes yearly full autonomy treks in northern Tibet (Sichuan province, China).  He teaches survival techniques in the wild.

programme elementary training

Fundamental theoretic knowledge

Defining a survival situation. Anticipating and managing risks, defining priorities.

Orientation : Reading a map and using a compass.

Facing the elements

Cold, humidity, heat… Theory and practice: elementary physical and physiological principles; building an emergency shelter in a few minutes; optimal use of a space blanket; learning the properties of various types of clothing.

Lighting a fire
These techniques will allow you to successfully light a heating fire even in the harshest conditions. Special attention will be given to safety and legislation.

Water in nature, hygiene and ticks

How to find water in a natural environment, different types of pollution, how to make found water drinkable.

How to maintain basic personal hygiene in a natural environment. Diseases transmitted to man by ticks. How to behave after a tick bite.

Preparing camp

How to choose a safe and comfortable camp spot. Efficient use of the equipment. Sheltering from the elements.

Reducing waste and limiting one’s impact on a natural environment.

Equipment, backpack and survival kits

How to properly use a backpack.

Efficient selection and use of equipment. Preparing first-aid and survival kits.

Knife and knots

Using a fixed-blade knife. Safety rules. A few techniques.

A few simple knots, actually useful and easy to memorize.

Share and provide knowledge on survival techniques and life in nature.

Theoretical and practical itinerant training : five days in the wild

Learn the basics of survival in the mountains and forests. The knowledge of our instructor will be combined with those of the local Tibetans who operate on their own land.

Training instructor : Gatien Rames

Mountain commando and survival expert

Gatien Rames : fter enlisting in the military mountain school in Chamonix, Gatien has spent most of his career in the Mountain Commando Group, a specialized mountain infantry unit. After completing forest survival training in extreme cold weather, he decided to develop, organize and supervise his own Survival Training Programme in hostile territory for the Mountain Commando Group.

Gatien Rames

mountain survival

AT THE SAME TIME, Gatien designed and marketed a survival kit called The Tube which has been adopted by some units of the French special forces. These skills have been implemented in its various missions and operations in foreign countries (Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Norway, United Arab Emirates and also in European forests and mountains).


Share and provide knowledge on survival skills and life in the wild, trekking over rough terrain, managing people. All this in a friendly atmosphere where fun and safety are the key words.

Meals & accommodation

Organic and hearty meals at the Lodge, menu frugal and bushcraft for the expedition. You will stay in four bed rooms at the Lodge during the first two days of instruction and the following two nights in mountain shelters.

Ability & equipment

To participate in the training, you must be in good physical condition and bring with you the equipment specified at registration time. The program is opened to teenagers aged at least 16 years old.

The Tube

Conceptualized by Gatien, The Tube is an original and functional survival kit that will accommodate easily in your backpack or glove box. The full content includes an essential survival kit. During the training you will learn how to use it !


Day 1

In the morning, welcome at Shangri-la. Departure with car to Nizhu village. Three-hour drive. After a lunch in Luoji, arrival at Roadhouse Lodge. Check-up of equipment, presentation of the survival kit The Tube, preparing of bags and health and first aid instruction. Conference about action and psychology of survival. Barbecue for diner. Vigil. Night at the Lodge.

Day 2

Instructions about river crossing. Building of a raft and fishing workshop. Conference about getting food in the wild. Tibetan diner at the Lodge. Vigil. Night at the Lodge.

Day 3

Conference about fire and shelters. Departure for the mountains (5 h walk). Building a bivouac. Tibetan diner, dried meat, tsampa, cake, fruit. Vigil. Night in a mountain bivouac. 3,900 m.

Day 4

Conference and training about traps and water purification. Trekking (3 h walk). Building a shelter. Diner around the fire. Vigil. Night in a shelter. 4,100 m.

Day 5

Conference and workshop about orientation and signaling. Trek back to Nizhu (5 h walk). Diner in Shangri-la Town.