exploration caravan

the art of fugue

WALK, DISCOVER NEW VALLEYS, climb highlands, turn around mountains with pilgrims camp around a fire, share the march during the day or an evening stay with nomad shepherds, build friendships in villages, fall in love with all of these new experiences; such are the reasons that keep us going and weave a tighter and tighter bond in this Tibetan landscape.  We share all this as brothers with our muleteers, porters and henchmen, during the night vigils and the climbs to the summits.High above our heads the stars set our path and the pace of our horses. Our crew navigates like a ship in the ocean, sailing into forgotten valleys.

Here are three different Exploration caravans that we offer. Click on the links to discover the programs and destinations.


Here are three different Exploration caravans that we offer. Click on the links to discover the programs and destinations.


your bedroom

A large and elegant Bell tent 600 that can accommodate 6 to 10 guests. Comfortable sleeping bag, air mattress, Tibetan blanket, pillow, sleeping bag liner, heating.

dining room

Spacious of 25 m2 the bedroom tent will also be your dining room. You sit on stools around a nicely decorated table, tablecloth and candlestick after dinner we install the sleeping.


Composed of Yunnan coffee and tea, Tibetan bread with butter and jam, muesli.


Mixed salads, charcuteries, Tibetan bread, fruit and tea.

tea time

Tea, coffee and biscuits.


Whisky, gin, pastis, local beer accompanied by charcuteries while enjoying the last rays of sun around the campfire.


A menu carefully composed of two dishes cooked with care by our chef with red wine from France, but also our Cuvée Liotard.

yading caravan the approach

few figures with 8 guests


of your exploration

5 to 7 days exploration in immutable landscapes

Discovering forgotten valleys and villages, crossing mountain passes over 4 400 m high, getting intimately acquainted with mountains higher than 6 000 m, walking in step with our caravans for a week. Truly exceptional !

The burning fire within us

The Exploration Caravan is literally the Liotard spirit in its transcendent form. Walking far from Shangri-La, loaded with all the comforts, elevating the caravan spirit through contact with other Tibetan cultures, pushing our bodies towards this adventure road born within our hearts.


After time and effort spent, our hosts and caravan crew become one, coming together at night, despite the altitude, to share friendship and drinks around the campfire.

Unique and exclusive explorations

The tracks followed by the Exploration Caravane are virtually unknown to the European or Chinese tourists. These paths were found after long efforts by our teams, who discovered them through trial and error, after more than a few scares, equipped only with compasses, survival instinct and minimal backpacks.