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adventure within everyone

LET’S GO ! Follow our guide along mule tracks winding through azaleas and rhododendrons, known only to the Tibetans. The countless mountains that surround Shangri-La are all opportunities and invitations to trek. Wild, contrasting landscapes where green valleys turn into rocky , snow-covered summits, through altitude meadows where yaks and horses graze.

Learn the basics of survival and bushcraft from qualified, English-speaking French guides. This adventure, lived in close connexion with the ecosystem of the Tibetan Marches, will teach you how to build a shelter, light a fire, purify water and gather edible plants.

The adventure awaits only those who want to try it around Shangri-La between wild hiking and bushcraft

We also offer one to three-day treks around Shangri-La. They will take you from the banks of the Nappa lake to the top of the Shika mountains, 4 410 m high. 

If you’re looking for a deeper discovery, why not try this unique, five-day trek, from Happi village to Nizhu village. A total immersion. Truly exceptional.

shika 4,400

At the gates of Shangri-la

GO FOR ONE, TWO OR THREE DAYS to conquer the mountains overlooking Shangri-la. Discover the life of Tibetans in the alpine pastures, spend a night in a wood cabin, explore the first foothills of the Himalayas.


happi nizhu

the great crossing

FIVE -DAYS through passes and mountain pastures, immersed in the heart of varied landscapes between larch forests and arid expanses at altitude dotted with lakes. This three-night immersion in the mountains ends in the village of Nizhu, a magnificent setting where the Tibetans have preserved their traditions.



Survival in the mountains

BUSHCRAFT is a survival instruction in order to learn to live in harmony in the woods with the minimum. The instructions consist of making a fire in wet conditions, building a shelter with branches, orientation, filtering water, sticks using saws, axes, knives, feeding on edible plants picked from clearings.
Two types of courses are offered, supervised by Gatien Rames or Luc Richard, experts in their fields.


our spirit

an experience that has its roots in the stories of explorers